Nupur Sharma Remarks Against the Prophet & Udaipur Killings

Nupur sharma udaipur

Nupur sharma udaipur

The BJP suspended Nupur Sharma, the national spokesperson for the party, on the 5th of June 2022, as the row over her remarks against Prophet Muhammad led to protests from various Muslim countries.

Amidst sharp reactions both inside and outside the nation, BJP issued a statement asserting its commitment to respect all religions–in turn denouncing the insult of any religious personality as views of the fringe elements.  

Consequently, those supporting or denouncing her views, in other words–all those commenting over Nupur Sharma’s remarks were booked for their controversial messages on social media.

While an FIR was lodged against Nupur Sharma serparately over her derogatory remarks during a TV debate in May, others such as Naveen Jindal, Naqvi, Owaisi and Saraswati were named in a separate FIR over their comments, mostly following Nupur’s remarks.

Nupur Sharma’s remarks and the resultant polarizatoin from both ends of the Hindu and Muslim community deepened the religious divide in India leading to several episodes of protests and violence across the country. In a clamp down that spanned over several states, over 400 people have been arrested so far.

However, the worst of what is now called the Nupur Sharma Row occurred in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Ghouse Mohammed and Mohammed Riyaz Attari, two men murdered Kanhaiya Lal, a tailor in the city for supporting Nupur Sharma’s remarks on social media.

Similarly, a chemist named Umesh Prahladrao Kolhe was stabbed to death in Amravati on June 21 for his support of Nupur Sharma. In the aftermath, mobile internet connections were blocked and section 144, was imposed across Rajasthan. 

Consequently, for the case against Nupur Sharma, the Supreme court stated that Nupur Sharma was single handedly responsible for what is happening in the country even as her counsel submitted that she faces a security threat.

Her apology which was deemed conditional and too late, could not rectify the excesses and the violence that occured in the clashes in Kanpur, Saharanpur, Prayagaraj and all the other places where her comments deepened the religious divides deepened to the point of violence. 

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